Promos and Firestone Coupons

By | July 30, 2017

Promos and Firestone Coupons

I’m not really planning to go back to Firestone anytime soon because I’m hoping that nothing will be wrong with my car. Plus I don’t want to shell out cash at unexpected times.

But if something goes wrong with my car and it needs repair, I’ll never hesitate to bring it to Firestone to have it checked and repaired.

Firestone is indeed a great place! I’ve been doing business with them for three years now and never did they disappoint men. The guys who work there are really great and professional. They handle customers in a good way and they really fix the problem of your car. I took my car there several times now and everything was great. I had my oil changed about a month ago then I received a nice discount coupon through email.

I haven’t used the coupon because my car’s running perfectly fine so I might just give it away to my dad or brother. I’ll just get Firestone coupons next time.

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