3 Essential Tips on Using Kellogg’s Coupons

By | August 20, 2017

3 Essential Tips on Using Kellogg’s Coupons


In today’s technological advancement and tight market competition, finding these coupons can be as easy as one two three. However, using them is completely a different thing. Below are 3 essential tips on how to use Kellogg’s coupons wisely:

Coupon Cutting. Whether you’ve caught by eyes the cereal coupons from the newspapers, fliers or from the internet, the next thing you do is to cut them very carefully. Make sure to follow the outlined breaks for cutting to avoid cutting into the coupon.

Usually, Kellogg’s coupons have a general rule or disclaimer that specifically voids the validity of coupons if such has been tampered or marked. So before going to the supermarket nearby, be sure that the coupons are in good condition to surely avail of good discounts. As a side note, it pays off checking the date of expiry of the coupons to avoid disappointments while cashing out Kellogg’s products.

Coupon Stacking. Another technique of maximizing coupons for Kellogg’s is by means of stacking. While the policy allows you to use multiple coupons to acquire bigger discounts, do so. However, some coupons particularly say: “not valid with any other offer.” The restrictions are typically specified at the back or at the bottom of the coupons.

Once you do find one that you can stack, take advantage of it. If the store schedules its sale season anytime soon, use the coupons in combination with sale prices. Simply buy two boxes or more of Kellogg’s cereals and get one free box. Oftentimes, freebies feature new products so as to promote the particular consumable. It is a wise move for you to check your local supermarket’s promos, deals and coupon guidelines to aware yourself of greater discounts come sale season. This is a very good way to enjoy Kellogg’s breakfast with family and at the same time enjoy larger discounts on weekend’s grocery tour.

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Keeping the Receipt. As common sense calls for, do not immediately throw or perhaps crumple the receipts once you made the Kellogg’s purchase. As part of the promo, some stores offer freebies and even rebates for a product purchase. With such, you can extend the benefits of using Kellogg’s coupons and avail of larger discounts even after the use of coupons.

If you are consuming Kellogg’s products regularly, Kellogg’s coupons are definitely going to spare you tons of money in your every trip to the supermarket. While doing the grocery, keep an eye for in-store coupons as well. Some of them can be found directly from the cereal shelves or somewhere between the aisles of breakfast consumables.